Aha! Phenomenon

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A flash of insight related to a problem—e.g., integration of a complex set of data—which may result in a solution to the problem
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What's your biggest a-ha moment, so far, of the School of Medicine
1 wish I could give them an Independence Day, an a-ha moment of liberation from the self-inflicted chains of unreal expectations.
Modern: Was there an a-ha moment that led to your working on this idea?
But it wasn't until watching the Oprah Winfrey Show that Sarah had her own A-HA moment: seeing Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern made Sarah realize that she could have a career doing what she loved.
I needed to leave the loaves in longer, increase the temperature, or -- this was the a-ha moment -- both.
Barragan said hes grateful to see the governor offer a step in the right direction, but his district, too, remains a plaintiff and hopes to create an a-ha moment for not only our community, our taxpayers, but also our policymakers.
Experiencing an 'A-ha moment' is probably what education is for.
"I told Louis, 'It's a voice I keep hearing, like Louie Anderson's voice.' He said,' Well, should we cast him?' It was an a-ha moment, and those a-ha moments I tend to go with, instead of overthinking."
He had this a-ha moment. He said, sure, it only flies 75 nautical miles per hour.
I'm sure you always have a giggle, catch up on the mundane, and perhaps if you're lucky, even have an a-ha moment. When I have a problem or concern that my husband may not understand, I always turn to one of my friends.
"It was like an a-ha moment where I thought, why wasn't I always doing it?