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MLBP and A-B for A-B to be MLBP's exclusive malt beverage sponsor as of January 1, 2011, the day after the current agreement expires.
Currently, A-B is the official sponsor of all but 4 of MLB's 30 clubs.
In a recent article published on Datamyne, a blog that covers trade and transport, it was noted that A-B Inbev continues to import hops from Hallertau, with 225 metric tons imported by A-B (U.
So, while A-B does not appear to have imported any Hallertau Mittelfruh in 2012, it continues to be the largest single importer of hops from the Hallertau region (MillerCoors is the second largest importer, and Boston Beer Company is number three).
But, in general, Wheaton's review tagged the A-B ads as sub-par.
MLB contends that the A-B baseball sponsorship deal was "fraudulently induced.
LeBron notes that A-B paid the Gephardt Group $30,000 to lobby the House and Senate regarding "issues related to the InBev/A-B acquisition.
The Deutsch project was commissioned in late 2007 by former A-B Chief Creative Officer Bob Lachky and current A-B CEO Dave Peacock, who was then the company's vice president of marketing.
There have been many changes at A-B since the merger.
Many marketers have sought to cut fees as the economy has spiraled lower, but executives at A-B's agencies told Ad Age that the A-B cuts are more aggressive than they have seen from other clients.
He has said that A-B president Dave Peacock had to cajole him to stay on.
A-B did win the number two, three and ten slots--for their "Clydesdale rescues circus horse", "Clydesdale fetches stick " and "corporate bean counter thrown through window" ads--but given their massive expenditure on Super Bowl ads, their failure to win the Ad Meter was surely an irritant.