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A glucanohydrolase yielding mainly maltose and some α-glucose in an endohydrolytic random manner from 1,4-α-glucans. An amylase that has been used clinically as a digestive aid.
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Jokichi, Japanese-born U.S. chemist, 1860-1938.
Taka-diastase - an amylase that has been used clinically as a digestive aid. Synonym(s): α-amylase
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A glucanohydrolase that has been used clinically as a digestive aid.
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This article addresses not only on the fact that FLAE can inhibit a-amylase enzyme but also on the fact that it controls AGE formation which could delay the onset of diabetes complications.
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The amylatic activity of the compound I indicating the zone of inhibition 21.86mm and of compound II, IV are 21.47, 21.43 respectively, slightly <23.4mm that is of a-amylase enzyme Fig.
.In human physiology, both the salivary and pancreatic amylases are a-amylase. It is formed in the pancreas and the glands make saliva, it exist in different isoenzyme forms; salivary type (S-type) and pancreatic type (P-type) [12].
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