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Symbol for α-tocopherol.
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Information about those enzymes should help researchers in their pursuit of a treatment for A-T, says Nathaniel Heintz, a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator at Rockefeller University in New York City.
A-T patients suffer from rapid loss of brain cells as well as from tumors.
PHOTO (Color) Fourteen-year-old Francisco Valladares, foreground, will be joined by, from left, parents Teresa and Francisco, Yolanda Mendoza, Juan Chabes, Vicky Valladares and little Arieana Valladares on Saturday for the A-T Walk for a Cure '98 in Lake Los Angeles.
population unknowingly carries one copy of the A-T gene.
Swift estimates that the female A-T carriers that he studied developed breast cancer after cumulative exposure to between 5 and 30 milligrays.
But Edward Hendrick of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in Denver points out that if A-T carriers are so prevalent, they must have been included in every epidemiologic study showing mammography's benefits.
Traders who complete a minimum of twenty (20) equity trades per month with Trend Trader, and have subscribed during that month to A-T Financial's Major Attitude for the Internet, will have their trading account credited the $225 basic cost of the service.
A-T Attitude for the Internet was launched to level the playing field between professional traders and the growing market of individual traders and investors.
According to Stuart Kalman, Manager of Internet Services for A-T Financial, "Our partnership with Trend Trader means that A-T Financial's customers gain another valuable choice in their online trading options, while A-T Financial gains an excellent provider of order execution and online trading to add to our stable of third party relationships.
About 40 percent of children with A-T develop cancer, mostly lymphomas and leukemia.
Richard Gatti, a leading A-T researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Even so, a treatment for A-T sufferers could be years away - maybe too late to help Rebecca.