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A fungistat and chelating agent; inhibits various metalloenzymes.
Synonym(s): quinolinol
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(111.) See Treatment of Scalp Baldness with 8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate, U.S.
There are some new peaks at the ranges of 1400-1500 [cm.sup.-1] and 700-900 [cm.sup.-1] in FT-IR and several peaks at the range 7-10 ppm in [sup.1]H NMR caused by 8-hydroxyquinoline.
On the contrary, coordination of fluoride anion with 8-hydroxyquinoline containing azomethine imine 4 is accompanied by a pronounced "naked-eye" effect (change in solution color from yellow to bright purple) due to the appearance of a new absorption band at 555 nm (Figure 5(a)).
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A different fabrication technique in which 8-hydroxyquinoline (HQ) and [Alq.sub.3] were dissolved in an ethanol/water solution and then exposed to high-intensity ultrasound irradiation resulted in the formation of well-defined [Alq.sub.3] nanoflowers ([alpha]-[Alq.sub.3]) [18].
8-hydroxyquinoline (50 mg/L medium) was added to tryptic soya agar (10%) and inoculated with tested isolates.
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Has a high sensitivity method for determination of niobium with sulfonitrofenole M, azoderivatives 8-hydroxyquinoline [19] phenyl-phluorone, on-nitrofenilphluoron [20], o-nitro-phenilphluoron and DAM [21], salitsilfluorona surfactant and SAS [22].
Twenty seedlings from each species having a root length of 15-20 mm were selected and placed in a 0.002 M pretreatment solution of 8-hydroxyquinoline for three hours at room temperature.