Seventy-Two-Hour Detention

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A 3-day period of involuntary detention of a psychiatric patient for emergency evaluation of one who, as a result of a mental disorder, presents a clear and present danger, to (1) self; (2) others; or (3) is gravely disabled and unable to care for self or organize basic necessities
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Six of the officers set free have been granted bail and six have been issued a prosecutoras order for a 72-hour detention.
The patient was brought into the hospital and put under a 72-hour detention for evaluation and treatment after a written application was made in accordance with California law.
Magistrates have described lawyer Konstantin Simeonov's appeal as "unacceptable", explaining the document is about 72-hour detention, while "there is no detained person", the Bulgarian National Radio reports."[The appeal] is preceding an act of the Prosecutor's Office which has not yet been issued," the have added.Friday's ruling can also be appealed within three days.