Six Sigma

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A philosophy that strives to achieve perfection by setting extremely high objectives, collecting data, and analysing results to a fine degree as a way to decrease defects in products and services
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Existem varias metodologias para minimizar ou analizar a variacao existente no processo, como, por exemplo, o controle estatistico da qualidade, a 6-Sigma e a funcao perda de Taguchi (MOTTONEN et al., 2008).
One of the critical success factors at Caterpillar Inc., Peoria, IL, is the company's 6-Sigma quality program.
TVM and 6-Sigma really helped to give us a disciplined, systematic approach that we could apply across the board to cut costs.
Many process engineers are becoming aware, particularly through 6-Sigma types of programs, of the capability of some of these statistical tools in determining process capabilities and to subsequently improve them.
Today's intellectual descendents of Taylor's work have titles like Lean Re-engineering 6-Sigma Black Belts, but in the end, they're not much different from the efficiency experts of years gone by.
Additionally, he holds a FCC General RTO License with Radar Endorsement, an OSHA Outreach Trainer Certificate, ATSA Ground Security Coordinator Certificate, and a 6-Sigma Black Belt.
After World War II they brought in the Quality Gurus, Deming and Juran, to achieve 6-sigma quality perfection.
6-sigma is one approach which has been shown to work, but which is not without its critics.
For users, 6-sigma performance ensures the capability of proposed grinding systems.
By focusing on 6-sigma quality, PPO strives on every job to hold to the smallest molding window the mold and machine will allow - even if that goes beyond the customer's required tolerances.