Six Sigma

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A philosophy that strives to achieve perfection by setting extremely high objectives, collecting data, and analysing results to a fine degree as a way to decrease defects in products and services
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Existem varias metodologias para minimizar ou analizar a variacao existente no processo, como, por exemplo, o controle estatistico da qualidade, a 6-Sigma e a funcao perda de Taguchi (MOTTONEN et al.
Las sesiones de discusion y exposicion del trabajo desarrollado, comenzaron en un orden particular que tambien fue concertado en plenaria con el grupo: COBIT, IDEAL, BPM, ITIL, 6-SIGMA y PSP.
A Cpk of 2 is associated with a process capable of performing at a 6-Sigma level.
And we attribute about half of our quality improvement to Consumer Driven 6-Sigma projects.
It delivers defect detection and in-process measurements for wireless, RE, and new-product introduction applications and 6-sigma SMD manufacturing practices.
Future product plans for the site include the X-Type sports wagon, F-Type roadster, R-Coupe and the Jaguar 6-Sigma.
Statistical analysis of the CIM data also defines the 6-sigma limits - that is, the range of variance within which 99.
For users, 6-sigma performance ensures the capability of proposed grinding systems.
As a management system, consider 6-sigma as another in a long series of approaches to improving almost any process.