Six Sigma

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A philosophy that strives to achieve perfection by setting extremely high objectives, collecting data, and analysing results to a fine degree as a way to decrease defects in products and services
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Many individuals throughout Caterpillar participate in 6 Sigma projects each year, from the factory workers to the group presidents who support the strategies.
The 6 Sigma culture has permeated Caterpillar in all aspects of the business.
But 6 Sigma provided an effective change mechanism and a means of integrating the knowledge learned through 6 Sigma projects across the various business units.
In addition to its own use of 6 Sigma, the company has taught its suppliers and dealers about the benefits of using the technique to refine the entire sales model.
When Glen Barton introduced 6 Sigma to Caterpillar, he envisioned using it to help the company achieve the $30 billion mark in revenue by 2006.
Over the last eight years, Caterpillar has demonstrated the usefulness of 6 Sigma in achieving its strategic goals.
One example that exemplifies Caterpillar's continuing integration of 6 Sigma into all aspects of the business is a project that will improve threaded joint design in the assembly process.
The company is also working on a 6 Sigma project that focuses on ergonomic improvement.
Naval Supply Systems Command Lean 6 Sigma Development Champion
CAPT Bill Gripman was called to active duty at NAVSUP from his position at Ford Motore Company where he was instrumental in many of Ford's Lean 6 Sigma initiatives.