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Based on the two-dimensional version of sECOM code along with wetting and drying, and variable drainage as a function of land use, HIHR models provide coastal flood forecasts for the expected flooding (50th percentile) and its uncertainty as the spread between the 5th and 95th percentiles.
(C) Cumulative relative risks (RRs) for all-cause mortality associated with mean temperature in warm seasons compared with the 50th percentile of the temperatures over 0-10 lag days in Tokyo by the percent reduction in observed vs.
Consistent with this interpretation, multifamily permitting and population growth across larger metros were also negatively related to the increase in density from the 25th to the 50th percentile (not shown).
Budget nursing resources and reconcile the position control or hiring plan created on an NDNQI 50th percentile for RNHPPD.
The 50th percentile of Weights of Adolescent girls of present study was greater than ICMR study in urban areas, for the age groups 10-12 years.
For about half of the communes (50th percentile), more than 10 percent of farmers purchase rice seed; for a quarter of the communes, at least 30 percent of farmers purchase rice seed (75th percentile).
Living in a household with health insurance and 2007 net worth at the 15th, 30th, or the 50th percentiles is associated with higher 2009 net worth ($6,999.12, gain of 397 percent at the 15th percentile; $26,441.17, gain of 78 percent at the 30th percentile; $97,617.16, gain of 76 percent at the 50th percentile) compared with living in a household without health insurance and similar 2007 net worth levels.
Percentile values of internipple measurements Internipple distance (cm) 3rd percentile 50th percentile 97th percentile Males 7.4 8.5 9.5 Females 7.2 8.5 9.5 Total 7.3 8.5 9.5 Internipple index (%) 3rd percentile 50th percentile 97th percentile Males 24 27 30.2 Females 23.8 26.9 30.2 Total 23.9 27 30.2 Table 3.
Peak thoracic spine joint compression forces were greatest for the 50th percentile male, followed by the 95th percentile male, and were lowest in the 5th percentile female.
John plotted at the 50th percentile for weight and age and 50th percentile for length and age.
Upon admission she weighed 27 kg (25th-50th percentile), was 131 cm tall (50th percentile), and was pale.
The first group includes BHCs in the top first percentile in terms of asset size, the second group contains banks with assets between the second and 50th percentiles, and the third group is the bottom 50th percentile.