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has been marketing the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet since 1997.
The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet has become very popular with retailers and consumers--more than 10 million consumers have used it to help them achieve their weight-loss goals.
It adds that many users have turned to the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet after having failed to lose weight under other diet regimens and weight-loss strategies.
"Our customers really love repeating the 48-Hour Miracle Diet, and many of them asked if we could create a one-day version," notes Larry Turner, president.
As with the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet, the new 16-ounce item is formulated to provide enriched vitamins and nutrients, and it is ephedra- and caffeine-free.
The Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet--Low Carb retains the taste and all of the features of the original Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet, but it has 50% fewer carbohydrates.
recently featured three supplements on the home page of its web site: Nature Made SAM-e from Pharmavite Inc., the Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet three-pack and a 15-pack of key-lime flavor nutritional bars for women from Luna Bars.