malt liquor

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malt li·quor

a beverage brewed from malt, such as beer or ale.
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And nobody wants to eat cauliflower while watching Spider-Man, or drink a 40oz cup of prune juice."
If you put four 9oz fillets in a single pan, that is almost 40oz of meat, which will sap the cooking temperature and skew the process.
Prices ranged from pounds 23.95 for a 40oz rump steak to a more modest pounds 6.45 for the Mediterranean pasta.
We ate out every night bar two in local pubs and restaurants and once tried to munch through a 40oz T- Bone steak for a fiver.
But a 40oz Christmas cake is considerably less - pounds 6.98 compared with pounds 9.47.
On top of that, he had to drink a 40oz of malt liquor and get three flip tricks down a six-stair.
He received a dram in the shape of a 40oz bottle of William Lawson's Whisky, courtesy of the Daily Record.
A 40oz "Big Bertha" burger is set to hit Brindleyplace - thanks to a new American-style diner company.
Well, there was a Circle K real close so it was like a 40oz at night and whatever.