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Medspeak A term borrowed from sports for the part of a device, manoeuvre or other system which is most effective in producing a desired effect
Sports medicine The part of a bat, golf club, tennis racquet, etc., which is most effective when striking a ball
Vox populi An optimal point—e.g., for pricing an item or ensuring the maximum effect of a therapy by optimal dosing, timing of ingestion, etc.
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Screen Digest estimates that 185,000 3D TV sets will be sold in the UK this year, with the number of sets rising to seven million in 2015.
The deal to supply the broadcaster with 15,000 3D TVs is the largest deal of its kind.
According to research firm Research and Markets, the global 3D TV market will grow at a rate of 15.4 per cent during 2013-2018 as the market is witnessing an increase in 3D content broadcasts and with the emergence of 4K resolution technology.
It represents the absolute pinnacle of 3D TV entertainment using the very best of recent innovative technology from LG," said Mr.
Its home entertainment division, driven by sales of 3D TVs, reported an operating profit of 217.1 billion won ($191.4 million) out of 448.2 billion won in overall profit.
LG, which has established its number one position across premium 3D Smart TV segment as per data provided by GFK, a leading global market research company, takes the 3D TV user experience to superlative levels.
In turn, any ordinary 3D TV can have access to LG's Smart TV ecosystem, which is composed of a growing variety and quantity of 3D content through various premium content services and apps, such as LG's 3D Zone.
Pixmania has a Samsung UE40D6530 40in Full HD LED 3D TV reduced by more than 40 per cent from pounds 1,099 down to pounds 639.
Assistant general manager Mohamed Anis added that LG has a 25% market share in the 3D TV segment in Qatar.
The Korean company revealed the cutting-edge 3D bezel TV that is sized at almost zero mm, setting a new world record for the narrowest bezel 3D TV.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-December 30, 2011-LG to unveil new Ultra Definition 3D TV at CES 2012(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
Bring the cinema experience home this Christmas with the LG 50PZ550T 50" Full HD Plasma 3D TV, pounds 799 from PC World, www.pcworld.co.uk As the world's first 3D THX Award Winning Plasma 3D TV, this takes your audio and visual television experience to a new level so you can pop on your 3D glasses and enjoy a new dimension of cinema.