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Medspeak A term borrowed from sports for the part of a device, manoeuvre or other system which is most effective in producing a desired effect
Sports medicine The part of a bat, golf club, tennis racquet, etc., which is most effective when striking a ball
Vox populi An optimal point—e.g., for pricing an item or ensuring the maximum effect of a therapy by optimal dosing, timing of ingestion, etc.
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According to research firm Research and Markets, the global 3D TV market will grow at a rate of 15.
It represents the absolute pinnacle of 3D TV entertainment using the very best of recent innovative technology from LG," said Mr.
According to the Display Search Report, FPR 3D TV, the next generation 3D technology, developed by LG Electronics, will take over more than 54 percent of Global 3D TV market share from June 2012, Kim added.
In turn, 3D sound zooming plunges the viewer into the middle of the action, as the events that unfold on their 3D TVs immerse and surround the viewers as both images and sound in real 3D.
The new LCD Vinverth 3D TVs offer better viewing experience combined with higher energy savings.
The 3D TV also offers customers 3D eyewear along with the unit.
Dual-View, now officially known as SimulView technology was a concept Sony had introduced back in February this year, which proposed to enable two users to see two separate images on a 3D TV, simultaneously, by using separately tuned 3D active shutter glasses.
What are the key points of differentiation of LG Cinema 3D TV
More than 3,500 people attended the Middle East launch of LG Electronics' Cinema 3D TV at Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi on June 6, in the presence of Hollywood actress, Megan Fox, the female lead of the Transformers films: Revenge of the Fallen movies.
But with 3D cinema becoming increasingly popular, is 3D TV going to be the next big thing?
But at CES 2011, a number of manufacturers boasted glasses-free 3D TV demos.
Passive technology cannot currently display nnot 1080p Full HD 3D video, but otherwise this is the best bet for bringing 3D TV to the masses.