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1. forming or pertaining to an end.
2. a termination, end, or extremity, especially a nerve ending.
3. an input-output device that communicates with a computer and includes parts such as a keyboard and a printer.
dedicated terminal a terminal reserved for just one type of computer application.
dumb terminal a computer terminal capable both as an input device, sending data keyed in on the terminal keyboard, and as an output device, displaying data on a screen or printing it on paper. See also intelligent terminal.
intelligent terminal a computer terminal, or a microcomputer functioning as a terminal, that can process data files stored on mass storage devices (usually floppy disks). Such files may be either output files received from the host computer or input (command) files sent to the host computer. See also dumb terminal.
point of care terminal a computer terminal that serves as an input device to allow health professionals to enter data at the patient's bedside.
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* Interface rejuvenation--3270 terminal interfaces were originally designed for knowledge workers familiar with both the 3270 terminal paradigm and the internal workings of the enterprise.
In most cases it is no longer a 3270/coaxial connection but a dial-up connection with the PC using a 3270 terminal emulation package or a direct minicomputer-to-mainframe link (3270/coaxial).
Model 3270 resists shock loads and has an overload protection of 500 percent of scale capacity.
Then call our hotline on 0901 609 3270 and leave your answer, name, address, day-time phone number, date of birth and the team of your choice.
The addition of PowerTerm HostView--to an already robust portfolio of client and browser based terminal emulators--now gives IBM-specific users a solution to simplify web-enablement and rejuvenation of their existing 3270 and 5250 applications.
Two months after the legacy-to-Web conversion from the 3270 remote public access system (RPAS) screens to ScreenSurfer, Charleston County is averaging 3,000 screen views a day.
Bundle for TCP/IP 6.6 is a multi-host client, is Microsoft Windows 2000-ready and supports several printing and file transfer environments, including LU1 and LU3 printer support for 3270, support for 3270e, IND$FILE and FTP File Transfer support for 3270, as well as SSL support.
Specifically, Tarantella enables access to Unix, 3270 mainframe and Windows applications from a Java-enabled web browser or a Windows-based PC.
software for Windows, but we decided to base it on a 3270 mainframe instead, because that machine is more prevalent in plants and warehouses," recalled Sitar Kannapadi, senior systems analyst for Bayer's Information Systems Group.
Meanwhile, growing numbers of campus users were replacing their 3270 terminals with PCs and using IRMA cards for mainframe access.
To vote call 0844 686 3270 or log on to www.lotterygoodcauses.org.uk/awards