Virtual World

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A computer-based interactive 3D simulation, in which users take the form of avatars visible to others graphically
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(3) Determine the approaches taken by companies that have become involved in 3-D virtual world initiatives to capitalize on new approaches to consumerism.
KidPix creations were mapped onto 3-D models so the students could don VR goggles and navigate a 3-D virtual world of their creation.
Along with the growing interest for serious games, the number of three-dimensional virtual worlds (3-D virtual worlds) has grown simultaneously; 3-D virtual worlds being the very basis of the gaming platform [3].
A second life for eHealth: Prospects for the use of 3-D virtual worlds in clinical psychology.
3-D virtual worlds are a key to the future--and this tells how they operate.
The 3-D virtual worlds of today, and the advanced worlds of the near future, have the potential of making more significant impact on engineering practice than that made by the 2-D Internet.
Appalachian State University (ASU) and Clemson University are partnering research, development and implementation studies relating to 3-D virtual worlds through the newly established Carolinas Virtual World Consortium.