butylated hydroxytoluene

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bu·tyl·at·ed hy·drox·y·tol·u·ene (BHT),

(byū'tĭl-ā'ted hī-droks'ē-tōl'yū-ēn),
Antioxidant for food, animal feed, petroleum products, synthetic rubbers, plastics, animal and vegetable oils, soap; also an antiskinning agent in paints and inks.
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Alternative medicine Both BHA and BHT increase UDP-glucuronosyltransferase, the enzyme possibly responsible for the anticancer effects of cruciferous vegetables
Food industry A food preservative used to prevent fats and oils in packaged foods from becoming rancid; BHT may be teratogenic to mice, and cause a significant decrease in cholinesterase activity, aggressiveness, sleep disturbances, and weight loss
Quackery BHT has been recommended for ageing, hangovers, herpes, and decreased sleep
Toxicity Excess consumption has been associated with abdominal cramping, confusion, nausea, liver toxicity, vertigo, vomiting, and loss of consciousness
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