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Aminodimethylbenzene; used as a reagent and in the manufacture of dyes.


a compound used in blending gasoline; a potent hepatoxin.
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The reaction kinetics is presented formally through a direct oxidation reaction in the liquid phase, including oxygen and 2,4-xylidine concentrations in the liquid phase.
xyl] and [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] are the concentrations of 2,4-xylidine and dissolved oxygen in the liquid phase, and superscripts x and y are reaction orders.
On the basis of the 2,4-xylidine decay, the apparent activation energies and pre-exponential constants were determined for the reactions of the CWO and the WAO, with and without catalyst, using a parameter estimation program.
As can be seen from Table 4, the reaction between 2,4-xylidine and oxygen is formally a typical second-order reaction, first-order in respect to both reactants.
The effect of temperature on the 2,4-xylidine degradation under constant oxygen pressure, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], is presented in Fig.
The TOC reduction was incomplete because the 2,4-xylidine degradation pathway involves side reactions that lead to the formation of stable acids.
In the second step of CWO, the 2,4-xylidine is oxidized in the presence of dissolved oxygen and the GAC acts as a catalyst.
Ozonation of 2,4-xylidine in aqueous solution was carried out on a wetted-wall column.
The 2,4-xylidine was adsorbed on the surface of the GAC and then degraded in the wet oxidation unit.
Two kinetic models for predicting 2,4-xylidine degradation in the catalytic wet oxidation were studied.
In order to obtain more exact results, for the modelling of 2,4-xylidine degradation advanced CWO kinetic models that take into account the formation of intermediate products and their adsorption and desorption should be used.

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