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The depths were 0-7 and 68-75 mm in the 0-75 mm sample and 150-157 and 218-225 mm in the 150-225 mm sample.
The opposite effect occurred at 150-225 mm, where there were higher levels of [Na.
ex]) in the G10 plots at both 0-75 and 150-225 mm depths of the stubble treatments (SR and SB).
ex] was evident at both 0-75 and 150-225 mm depths.
A stubble management effect was also present at a depth of 150-225 mm, resulting in a significantly higher EC in SR G10 plots than in SB G10 plots.
By contrast, the SB G0 (0-75 and 150-225 mm depths) and SR G0 (0-75 mm depth) plots showed the highest levels of clay dispersion.
At 150-225 mm depth, the SB G0 treatment again gave the lowest moisture content (FC); however, unlike 0-75 mm depth, the remaining treatments resulted in similar moisture contents of approximately 39.
Treatment effects on the PWP moisture content were different at 150-225 mm, where SB G10 had a moisture content (~27%) similar to SR G0.
Em sintese, as doses de P e Zn, utilizadas para a execucao da analise de trilha, foram as seguintes: 150-225 mg [dm.
Exisulind alone inhibited by 50 percent the growth of small cell and non-small cell lung cancer cell lines at concentrations of 150-225 micromolar.
Patients with blood levels of 150-225 ng/mL had a 60% response rate, and those with blood levels above 225 ng/mL had a 93% response rate.
Improvements in diabetic neuropathy were significantly greater than placebo in patients who were given 150-225 mg/day, but not 75 mg/day.