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Symbol for carbon 14.

carbon-14 (14C)

a beta-emitter with a half-life of about 5700 years. It occurs naturally, arising from cosmic rays, and is used as a tracer in studying various aspects of metabolism and in dating relics that contain natural carbonaceous materials. Compare carbon-11.


A natural beta-emitting radioisotope of carbon that has a T1/2 of 5720 years, which decays to 14N. It has been used as a biotracer and in anthropology for dating carbon-rich materials, especially newer fossils, and can determine the age of carbon-based materials up to 60,000 years old.
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Cardiff could climb to 18C to 19C on Thursday, while the coast will be cooler with St Davids, in Pembrokeshire, Aberystwyth, in Ceredigion, and Holyhead, on Anglesey, all reaching no higher than 13C to 14C.
Accompanying this weather will be cold northerly wind which will make it feel very chilly - probably about 14C (57F).
In fact, my nephew's homework dittos had such romantic titles as "Level 1, Lesson 14 Standardized Test 14C.
All this is, as I suggest, a matter for a more developed study in an essay; but I do think this volume offers another step toward seeing the Navigatio textual tradition as an instance of the move from "other-worldly dreaming" to "social dreaming" (a tradition which could well have been known by More, at the very least through the late 14C, early 15C Caxton version in English).
Standard 14C dating is based on the work of Nobel Laureate Willard Frank Libby (1908-1980) (Libby 1946), which was inspired by the research of a cosmic-ray physicist, Serge A.
Designed specifically for isotopes such as 14C, 33P and 35S, the screens provide high sensitivity and improved spatial resolution for life scientists looking to further reduce or eliminate the use of film in protein and nucleic acid imaging applications.
Incubation was followed by two to three rinses with 14C-free seawater and placement in the dark to eliminate unfixed 14C.
How many CPU%s are required ASCQ Intel Xeon Processor E5-2697 v3 14C 2.
The minimum and maximum temperatures are expected to be 14C and 24C, respectively, today, with the forecast for Doha being 17C and 24C.
Temperatures could reach as high as 14C (57C) tomorrow, not far short of the UK December 25 record of 15.
Recommendations England 3pts Evs Bet365, Paddy Power I Bell to score a first-innings fifty 1pt 5-2 Hills T Paranavitana to score 28 or more in first innings 2pts 5-6 Paddy Power WEATHER FORECAST Day one Windy with some light showers, 14C Day two Sunny and dry, 14C Day three Cloudy but dry, 16C Day four Light showers, 16C Day five Sunny and dry, 14C
Quotient Bioresearch, a provider of early drug development services highlighted its recently launched 14C Synthesis-to-Clinic service and its Translational Pharmaceutics platform at the 2009 AAPS Annual Meeting.