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The wisdom of AA and 12-step programs shouldn't be isolated to the church basement--these programs have things to teach us about God's mercy.
It is important for chaplains to understand the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs to use wisdom in addressing the theological implications of addiction and recovery.
We can therefore state that the hypothesis at the 1-year mark was proven to be true, and 12-Step programs make a statistically significant difference in relapse prevention rates.
It is meant to be added support, not a substitute for AA or other 12-step programs.
Furthermore, it is an effective means of feeding the therapy industry, especially the nation's myriad 12-step programs.
For those who opposed the change, some saw it as an assault on 12-Step programs.
Throughout his downward spiral to an unglamorous near-death from heroin, and his eventual recovery through 12-step programs and a mysterious rock legend, Doughty rarely sees himself as a rock star.
The Wolfe Street Foundation provides facilities and support to 12-step programs that serve alcoholics and their families and friends.
That suggestion is coming into its own with doctors and nutritionists, but few such folks, either in the office or on television, will mention 12-step programs in relation to giving up addictive substances and losing weight.
Peer support is an important ingredient in 12-step programs such as AA," agrees James Ellison, MD, MPH, Clinical Director of Geriatric Psychiatry at Boston's McLean Hospital.
A sampling of techniques discussed includes: cognitive-behavioral techniques, reframing and other NLP techniques, systematic desensitization, covert sensitization, 12-step programs, guided imagery, meditation, and more.