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She received a Pathway to Recovery certificate from Judge Dan Emge after completing over 140 hours of clinical treatment, having passed 110 drug tests and having attended over 200 12-step program meetings in 67 weeks of the program.
It is not that the 12-Step program is unworkable or intolerable (although some complain about its dependency on a higher power).
I am/know someone who has benefited from a 12-step program. Yes 86% No 14% 3.
TCI follows two basic principles: the 12-step program and behavioral control (BC).
At a 12-month follow-up MBRP participants showed significantly fewer days of substance use and decreased drinking episodes compared to those who used a 12-step program [27].
For 5-Year Follow Up, the cases that attended a 12-Step program or a self-help program and about 27% went on to use heroin during the last 12 months compared to 34% cases that did not go to a program.
Now wrapping up her starring turn as the pill-addicted title character in Showtime's Nurse Jackie, she has battled her own real-life demons as a recovering alcoholic who adheres to the 12-step program.
Gil Harris, trust manager for the inn, created a 12-step program that allowed him and his team to tackle a different project each month, with each step containing a different environmentally themed undertaking.
The book uses the structure of a 12-step program to comically describe the stages of frustration that come hand in hand with the game of golf.
Besides, as the AA, the main champion of the 12-step program for substance abuse, places a high premium on anonymity and privacy of its members, conducting research is not easy nor encouraged.
That's why "Writers Rehab: A 12-Step Program for Writers Who Can't Get Their Acts Together" by professional playwright, script consultant, and novelist D.
WRITER'S REHAB: A 12-STEP PROGRAM FOR WRITERS WHO CAN'T GET THEIR ACTS TOGETHER holds specific interest for the performing arts and film writer, and comes form a playwright and script consultant who uses his years of writing and teaching to help writers plan for periods of low production.