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This should be performed with the patient in the supine position with a continuous 12-lead ECG. A vagal manoeuvre increases vagal tone and may terminate an AVJRT (AVNRT/AVRT), but never an AT.
A different approach to recording a 12-lead ECG is to make use of the EASI lead system (8) where 4 electrodes are placed on the torso at A (mid axillary line at level of V6), E (sternum at level of 5th intercostal space), I (mid axillary line at level of V6R) and S (sternum below the sternal notch).
The main criterion of including patients to the study group was an absence of any specific abnormalities of ST-T segment on the 12-lead ECG taken at rest, when the patient was free of anginal pain.
Only 1 patient (1.3%) was awarded an additional point for ST-elevation in right-sided leads without ST-depression on 12-lead ECG increasing the TIMI score from 6 to 7.
The findings "suggest that screening athletes for cardiomyopathies is a life-saving strategy and that 12-lead ECG is a sensitive and powerful [screening] tool," they noted.
Quick and accurate 12-lead ECG interpretation, 4th ed.
Unlike conventional 12-lead ECG solutions, which require 10 electrodes, the EASI system uses only five electrodes and three vectors to provide a continuous 12-lead ECG at the bedside.
The rationale for the FDA-approved 80-lead technology is that the standard 12-lead ECG has major blind spots, said Dr.
Another study evaluated the predictive power of heart rate assessed from the standard 12-lead ECG or from Holter recordings for future mortality and arrhythmic events in survivors of acute myocardial infarction.
The Rotterdam Study includes 4,187 men and women above age 55 free of evidence of prevalent MI by 12-lead ECG at baseline and who had a follow-up ECG a mean of 6.4 years later.