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While the agency was waiving the 10-day rule for obtaining an asbestos removal sticker, Mr.
Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, would lift the 10-day rule and require hospitals to provide care for terminal patients indefinitely, or until another care placement is found.
He said: "In this economic climate there has to be an attitude of helping smaller firms as much as possible and the 10-day rule is vital for that.
In an exception to the 10-day rule, under IDEA, if a student commits a weapon or drug offense at school, or if the student causes another person serious bodily injury at school, the school may unilaterally place the student in an interim alternative educational setting for up to 45 consecutive school days.
Indeed, it does appear that family comes first these days for Norman, who has a 10-day rule where he won't be away from Zoe, 37, and seven-year-old son Woody for longer than that.
Next Day Rule" is fatal if a mailing is postmarked one day after the 10-day rule within which to file a motion for rehearing after the rendition of an order.
His 10-day rule prevented any mention of all meteorological conditions or happenings - except curiously in the Straits of Dover - for that length of time, lest it helped the enemy to forecast the weather