Ten Thousand Steps

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A term referring to a Japanese study that found that people who walk at least 10,000 steps each day have a greater level of fitness
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Health-conscious Brits still strive to take 10,000 steps a day in a bid to stay in tip-top condition, with some fitness fans going nowhere without using a fitness tracker.
If you're striving to meet the daily 10,000 steps many experts recommend to boost health and longevity, you may be able to ease up a little without sacrificing the benefits, according to a new study (JAMA Internal Medicine, May 29).
The teams were challenged to walk at least 10,000 steps every day for a month as part of the "walking all over cancer" fundraiser.
[USA], May 30 (ANI): A daily goal of 10,000 steps might sound like a magic number, but a new study showed the number of steps is actually required for older women to be in good health and it is not 10,000 steps.
Get your daily 10,000 steps in during guided hikes with Forest Preserve District of Kane County naturalists.
The woman was caught cheating the benefit's system when a co-worker at a cafe reported May had recorded 10,000 steps on a single day on her fitness watch.
A BENEFITS cheat who claimed she could barely walk clocked up 10,000 steps on a fitness tracker.
The more you move, the more you will be rewarded; reach 10,000 steps and not only will you get your free data, you'll also have reached your daily steps goal as per the global standard for a healthy, active day.
The day itself offers a host of exciting activities but as an added incentive, Ooredoo will offer two special promotional activities for National Sport Day - 200MB data free, valid until midnight, for every 2019 steps taken for a total of 1GB when a target of 10,000 steps is reached; and 500MB free data, valid until midnight, when customers visit Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Park, find the QR code and scan it.
Perfect for anyone who feels they've over indulged this Christmas, Cancer Research UK's fundraising campaign Walk All Over Cancer involves participants getting sponsored to walk 10,000 steps every day for a month.
The bank said that it is offering better rates of interest to customers who prove they are taking 10,000 steps every day.