(ziks'in), [MIM*602002]
A cytoplasmic protein found in a number of distinct types of adherens junctions; it may play a role in the organization of membrane-cytoskeletal attachments.
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As a component of focal adhesions, Testin interacts with the cytoskeletal protein such as zyxin, talin, vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein, Mena, extractable nucler antigen (EVL), alphall-spectrin, actin and actin-related proteins 7A.
For example, the team found that in a 3-D environment, cells possessing the protein zyxin would move in a random way, exploring their local environment.
On the one hand, mitochondria are crucial for cell motility via their interaction, mediated by the outer membrane protein zyxin, with the actin cytoskeleton.
For EIA, we used the physiologic VASP binding partner zyxin as a capture molecule.
ActA and Human Zyxin Harbour Arp2/3-independent Actin-polimerization Activity.
Ajuba is novel group 3 LIM protein along with zyxin, paxillin, trip6 and others.
Other activities include the induction of various genes encoded for important proteins involved in cell development (such as laminin-5, MMPs, TGF beta, zyxin, terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase, and angiogenesis-related proteins) and activate signaling pathways that influence cell and tissue survival (such as ILK/PINCH/Akt).
E-Cadherin, zyxin, and moesin were identified as genes differentially expressed in these clusters.
Kleinman emphasized TB4's ability to up-regulate or "turn on" two genes, zyxin and laminin-5, both of which are important for cellular adhesion and cell migration, two key biological activities necessary for successful wound healing.