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Zoned; ringed; having concentric layers of differing texture or pigmentation.


(zō′nāt′) also


Biology Having zones of a different color or texture, as rings or bands.


having ringed layers with differing colors or textures.
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Characterization of Tomato zonate spot virus, a new tospovirus species in China.
Natural host ranges of Tomato zonate spot virus in Yunnan.
5 cm broad; leathery and flexible when young and moist, rigid and hard corky when dry; white to cream throughout or the bases occasionally umber to black; surface dry, ranging from very finely tomentose and velvety to the touch, to glabrous and smooth with age, often concentrically zonate, especially near the margin, and warted with age.
Hymenium: Buff to pale brown, slightly zonate especially at the margin, but appearing cracked like the pieces of a puzzle; smooth.
2) and early inflorescence apex are zonate but the latter shifts to a mantle/core configuration (Fig.
Presumably, similar considerations would apply to the zonate structures seen in shoot apices of seed plants.