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An herbalist/nutritional consultant from Boulder, Colorado presents general guidelines for the use of herbal medicines and profiles of some 180 herbs from agrimony to zedoary.
From ajowan to zedoary, spices are compared and contrasted, combined, and explained, and otherwise detailed by a guy who really knows his stuff, Ian Hemphill, owner of a prestigious Australian spice shop, Herbie's, has been working with spices since he was a child.
As a result, Okinawa Life combines three key ingredients to help consumers maintain active, healthy lifestyles: soy isoflavones, which are plentiful in Okinawa's traditional tofu (called shima-tofu) and which provide an antioxidant benefit; zedoary, a purple turmeric that helps aid digestion; and goya, or bitter melon, which contains a number of beneficial ingredients, including vitamin C, which is a natural antioxidant, and vitamins A and B.
In this updated translation of the German edition titled Arzneidrogenprofile (2000), German pharmacists and a naturopath profile some 200 commonly used medicinal herbs, from agrimony to zedoary.