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(in statistics) a normalized value created from a member of a set of data. Also called z-score.


(in statistics) indicates how many STANDARD DEVIATIONS away from the MEAN a value resides. For a given set of data the mean (x) is subtracted from each member (x) of the set; then each member is divided by the standard deviation (s) of the set: z = (x - x)/s. A positive score indicates the value is above the mean, a negative score indicates below. Z-values are useful in comparing sets of data with different means and standard deviations.

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Table-2: Mann- Whitney -U Test shows Median, IQ, mean rank value, z-value and P-values of outcome measure of both groups at baseline, 4 and 6 week of intervention.
These studies generally consider the regional and temporal variations of seismotectonic b-value, seismic quiescence Z-value, and some other statistical parameters for the analysis of earthquake behaviors, and their possible usage as precursors.
020 Auteurs Statistiques pour chague etude Lower Upper limit limit Z-Value p-Value Safren et al.
The null hypothesis was rejected if the z-value was larger than the critical z-value, where 1 - PHI(ZC)= ALPHA/(K(K - 1)).
Table 1: Comparison of Emesis (Episodes) EMESIS (EPISODES) Group M Group O 1hr 14 7 2hr 4 3 6hr 1 0 24hr 0 0 Table 2: Comparison of Emesis (Mean Episodes) COMPARISON OF EMESIS (MEAN EPISODES) Group M Group O Z-Value P-Value Remarks Mean S.
The normality assumption was tested in two ways: firstly, by creating a normal probability plot for every independent variable; secondly, by a statistical test measuring two characteristics of every variable (kurtosis and skewness) and then statistical z-value for each characteristic.
The IC maps were transferred into z-value maps, and the first 50 voxels with maximum z-values were selected.
Study name Statistics for each study Odds Lower Upper ratio limit limit Z-Value p-Value Liu L.
19 Parameters z-Value p-Value Mean placental weight (g) 6.
If z-value is positive, then, it is concluded that high values of the studied parameters have been clustered in the studied regions.