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(ŭp′sə-lŏn′, yōōp′-)
Variant of upsilon.
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Distinctive styling and a frugal TwinAir petrol engine are both big draws for this Ypsilon as a used buy, as are impressively low running costs.
The 2016 Lancia Ypsilon is to arrive in some European countries before the end of the year and will be priced from EUR13,200.
Reportedly, for the first time on a Lancia Ypsilon, the embedded Uconnect 5'' Radio Nav LIVE infotainment system features the full TomTom experience with up-to-date maps, the latest routing engine and five years of TomTom's world-class, highly accurate Traffic service.
The Ypsilon was a stylish five-door compact hatch, with hidden rear door handles giving it the look typical of a more sporty three-door coupe.
While it is not going to set anyone's hair on fire with a 0-62mph time north of 13 seconds, I found this Ypsilon to be nippy around town with reasonable fuel economy and emissions figures keeping running costs down.
However, the most striking thing about the Ypsilon is its coupe-style looks which catch the eye thanks to a blizzard of curves, creases and straight lines.
Rebadged as a Chrysler, the Ypsilon is a rare sight out on the road but probably more common than the Delta, the other rebadged Lancia on sale in the UK.
In a sector with oodles to choose from, from racy to retro, stylish to staid, the Ypsilon is one of the few that has a unique look with its large headlamps, shield grille, low air intake and high rear spoiler.
The Ypsilon is the first ever city car from Chrysler and boasts an official fuel consumption of up to 88.
CO2 emissions: 99g/km BIK rating: 10% Warranty: 3yrs/ 60,000 miles Marks: 8/10 Main rival: Fiat 500 MY first drive in the little Chrysler Ypsilon was huge fun but the Limited range topper is very expensive.
y] = f(x), hence the dependence of only the ypsilon component of vector B on parameter x.