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yabby, yabbie

Australian term for Cherax destructor (freshwater crayfish).
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Methods of capture were compared with no significant difference of parasites found between groups of host specimens collected with hand nets or a yabby pump (t = -0.
To assess the risk, Paul Bradsell, an honours student in zoology at The University of Western Australia, and his supervisors, studied aggressive encounters between turtle hatchlings and three freshwater crayfish native to WA--the marron, gilgie and koonac--and the yabby.
Like everywhere round here, the kitchen is spoilt for choice when it comes to fish and shellfish so you've got to try the full flavoured red claw yabby and I also have to have the bouillabaisse ($34, pounds 21) which turns out to be one of the chef's favourite dishes.
The off-water activities have been expanded at the Nelson Bay waterfront precinct with the introduction of weekend Regatta Markets and a great schedule of apres-racing activities, like the Steak and Oyster Nighi and Yabby racing, to name a few.
My family and I had a very nice time and got to do yabby catching, kayaking, fishing, tennis, swimming, feeding wild kangaroos and wildlife spotting (there were lots of eagles there).
It is true that CDEPs cover a great range of achievements; some have created successful businesses, some have engendered community esteem, some have provided the only possibility of employment in their area, and some have provided a passage into mainstream employment, but for many Aboriginals they are proving a dead end, not a way out of the prison camp or the yabby bucket.
DUB IT TO THE TOP 1976-79 Yabby You (Blood & Fire) The name Yabby You is not exactly familiar to millions but as far as dub reggae goes this is a classic in its field.
Most yabby farms supplying the Australian market are found in Western Australia, although legislation to allow yabby farming in dams in New South Wales and Victoria was recently passed.
Anaerobic energy metabolism in the tail musculature of the Australian yabby Cherax destructor (Crustacea, Decapoda, Parastacidae): role of phosphagens and anaerobic glycolysis during escape behavior.
Off water, there was plenty to enjoy from live music on d'Albora Marina every afternoon and the annual Yabby Racing Carnival, to the Gone Troppo party night and the Tyrrells Yachties Ball, where guests got an insight into the America's Cup adventures of multihull World Champion Glenn Ashby before dancing the night away with the Funky Do-Dahs.
CAUGHT something called a yabby and was delirious .