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Chronic Chagas disease: from xenodiagnosis and hemoculture to polymerase chain reaction.
Xenodiagnosis was positive for one 31-year-old female at the 30th day of treatment and positive for another 58-year-old female on the 60th day of treatment, indicating treatment failure (Table 1).
During the acute phase of infection, diagnosis involves detection of circulating organisms by microscopic examination of a fresh blood specimen or stained blood smear, hemoculture, or xenodiagnosis (1).
Detection of Trypanosoma cruzi in blood specimens of chronic chagasic patients by Polymerase Reaction Chain amplification of kinetoplast minicircle DNA: Comparison with serology and xenodiagnosis.
The present communication discusses the use of mosquitoes for propagation and assays of arboviruses and xenodiagnosis.
This study's approach of characterizing Borrelia infection of ticks engorged on birds is analogous to xenodiagnosis, which is commonly used in assessing reservoir competence in the laboratory (17).
Other diagnostic tests used include xenodiagnosis (examination of rectal contents of laboratory-raised reduviid bugs after they take a blood meal from a suspect person or inoculation of human blood into laboratory animals) or PCR tests.
Previous reports have focused on the high sensitivity of PCR test when compared to serologic findings, xenodiagnosis, or blood culture.
Xenodiagnosis A diagnostic technique in which uninfected arthropods are allowed to feed on a suspect individual and then examined in an attempt to recover the parasite.
henselae in these ticks might represent a highly sensitive form of xenodiagnosis.