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x-ray unit,

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But the great-grandmother, who has not been named, was allegedly told she would have to wait for an ambulance as hospital porters could not take her to the X-ray unit for safety reasons.
If you're too busy to see me at the hospital is there any chance you could send a portable X-ray unit to my home?
The NDEL's portable x-ray unit also is being evaluated for on-line weld inspection of frames in a program with Dana.
Engineers use a powerful x-ray unit to penetrate the casting and then develop film that will reveal these defects.
Needing to keep up line speeds and equipment to withstand diverse temperature ranges, The Philadelphia Cheesesteak Company opted for Loma's AXIS Pipeline, an X-ray unit specifically designed for meat and poultry bone detection.
I have not seen an X-ray unit or a metal detector used in those environments,'' said William Glover, president of Glover/Resnick and Associates, a Sacramento-area aviation security consulting firm.
has received FDA 510(K) clearance for the immediate sale of its new, proprietary DENT-X intraoral dental x-ray unit.
This integrated patient chair and x-ray unit is primarily used for whole jaw x-ray imaging by dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons.
This equipment includes at least one full protective bomb suit, a portable X-ray unit with supporting accessories, a dearmer/disrupter, demolition equipment, and a set of quality hand tools.
Intra oral x-ray unit,Pulp testers,Automatic periapical x-ray developer,General x- ray unit,Ortho Pantamograph unit (with digital cephalometric),Lead aprons,Lead gloves,x-ray hangers (each for 10 IOPA films),Auto clave (front loading having wet and dry cycle and can achieve 130 degree Celsius) with capacity of 20 liters,Intra oral camera (with high resolution),x-ray viewer,Radio Visio graphic unit (digital intra oral x-ray system with one sensor and software) Period of contract : 30 days
Make the most of our local hospitals I WOULD like to thank the many people who supported the Mold Hospital X-Ray Unit Appeal.
For facilities wishing to minimise manual handling, CR and DR detectors can be completely integrated in a fully motorised DX-D 400 X-ray unit configuration.