x-linked recessive inheritance

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x-link·ed re·ces·sive in·her·i·tance

(lingkt rē-ses'iv in-her'i-tăns)
A type of genetic disorder in which the disorder will occur in a male with one copy of the gene and in a female with both allelles showing the same mutation.

X-linked recessive inheritance

The inheritance of a trait by the presence of a single gene on the X chromosome in a male, passed from a female who has the gene on one of her X chromosomes, and who is referred to as an unaffected carrier.
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CAPTION: Figure 1: Pedigree chart showing the index case and affected of other male members of the family suggesting an X-linked recessive inheritance pattern.
This method for diagnosing fetal gender can be used as a pre-test to determine whether invasive prenatal diagnoses, such as amniocentesis and chorionic villi sampling, should be performed on a fetus having a risk of X-linked recessive inheritance.
Recognition of the familial occurence of this rare disorder and pedigree analysis demonstrated an X-linked recessive inheritance pattern of the trait (86).

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