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n an injury; a tort; a violation of right or of law; an injustice; a violation of right resulting in damage to another.

Patient discussion about wrong

Q. my legs hurt all the time, what is wrong with them? they ach in the joints and sometimes I get burning needle point pain and the muscles feel like sandpaper

A. There can be a lot of reasons for leg or joint pain, and usually there are not specific problems you can deal with medically. Are you exercising too much? Sometimes stress fractures from running can cause the kind of pain you are describing. Either way you should see someone about this if it is bothering you, either an orthopedic surgeon or a neurologist.

Q. I have missed 2 periods and had my tubes tied. What could be wrong? I went to the doctor and she didnt even do an exam. She said dont worry until I have missed for 6 months.

A. go to enather dr. you have to be shure.

Q. I keep having this bad pain in my abdomin and I think something is wrong with me what could it be

A. it all depends on the symtoms,could be a number of things,if it persists go see a doctor,

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Forfeiture by wrongdoing first began appearing in England as an understood and accepted exception to the rule against hearsay as early as 1666 in Lord Morley's Case.
There are mainly two types of wrongdoing, namely commercial crimes and unethical behaviour.
The club was unaware of such matters nor was it involved in any wrongdoing.
Mossack Fonseca denies any wrongdoing, as does Sharif.
PTI Chief said that whenever Sharif family wrongdoings are exposed, they target political opponents through innuendos and blackmail.
Each of these directives is designed to increase focus by the DOJ on the pursuit of individual wrongdoers believed to be involved in corporate wrongdoing.
A party spokeswoman stressed the investigation into Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill MP Boswell did not imply any wrongdoing.
And had things worked out poorly for Odysseus, had his incapacity led to some later wrongdoing, he would have been unlucky but not blameworthy.
A senior counsel has been appointed to investigate allegations of wrongdoing at the Oireachtas banking inquiry.
Wrongdoing admissions would help investors decide whether to deal with a particular party going forward; and/or
According to the BBC, Icahn has also denied any wrongdoing in the matter, while Walters has yet to comment on the issue.
Many witnesses choose to keep silent about any wrongdoing they may have seen or encountered evidence of during the course of their job.