writing hand

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the terminal part of the upper limb of a human or a nonhuman primate.
ape hand one with the thumb permanently extended.
cleft hand a malformation in which the division between the fingers extends into the metacarpus; also, a hand with the middle digits absent.
claw hand see clawhand.
drop hand wristdrop.
lobster-claw hand cleft hand.
obstetrician's hand the contraction of the hand in tetany; the hand is flexed at the wrist, the fingers are flexed at the metacarpophalangeal joints but extended at the interphalangeal joints, and the thumb is strongly flexed into the palm.
writing hand in Parkinson's disease, assumption of the position by which a pen is commonly held.

writ·ing hand

a contraction of the hand muscles in parkinsonism, bringing the fingers somewhat into the position used for holding a pen.

writ·ing hand

(rīting hand)
A contraction of the hand muscles in parkinsonism, bringing the fingers somewhat into the position of holding a pen.

dom·i·nant hand

(domi-nănt hand)
Operant hand generally used for performing fine motor-skills tasks (e.g., writing, holding dental instruments).
Synonym(s): writing hand.
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R-L% means (Table 5) were positive for right-handed writers and negative for left-handed writers, as expected, but there were significant differences between subgroups of the same writing hand.
The optimal place for annotation is on the side of the page where the user's writing hand is, as shown in Figure 3b.
Lloyd added that the injury also has affected her son's grades, because it happened to his writing hand.
On the other hand, the writing hand, he is the only present-day writer writing in Spanish who will be read one hundred years from now.
When this hand is gone to earth, this writing hand and the paper beneath it, long gone, and the words on the paper forgotten, and the breath that slowly curls around earth with its old spoken words gone into lives unborn and they too gone to earth-- and their memory, memory of any of these gone, and all who remembered them absorbed in air and dirt, words, earth, breeze over the oceans, all these now other, there may as in the past be something left, some artifact.
We held the ball in the palm of one hand and used our writing hand thumb to punch a hole into the center of the ball--going almost to the bottom.
Milton's suppression of the violent writing hand renders the licensor's violence sui generis.
Again, try to do that without using the thumb on your writing hand.
His writing hand was not affected, but he still feels the accident has had had an impact on his studies because he spent so much time in hospital.
WRITE ON: Angelina signs for fans; STEPPING OUT: Angelina arrives at the premiere of Taking Lives and, left, her ink-stained writing hand