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fabric made of combed wool with a longer fiber length than that used for woollen fabrics.

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Q. my boy has ADHD , and according to the doctors , in the worst form it can appear .. is all moody and jumpy and hyper-active and i know it is all part of being ADHD child .. but man ... i need some directing and advices how to keep me on track and by that i mean give my child the full support he needs and should have ... it's not easy to chase him and keep him leveled ... and i did till now with great success .. but now he is 5 years old and he is much more active ... How Should i act around him ? what is the right level of freedom i can deliver him ? someone please help me ... i need advices ...

A. parenting is a hard job. a complicated one, and one you'll surly do mistakes and lots of them. being a parent to an ADHD child,well...needs a hyper active parent too...
there are ways to deal with it but it needs a plan and and tools to work with. when i looked for such, i found this site that gives number of tools. i used some of them and they were very helpful.


good luck!

Q. I got runny nose every morning and in the evening. Never had this problem before. Worst still is gardening. Why why why?

A. I have Janet Craig, and Corn plan Draceanas, Spider Plants, Chinese Evergreen, Weeping Fig, Pothos,and Peace Lilly; plus others. The largest are the Draceanas and those named are supposed to be among the best at cleaning toxins from the air. They Rubber Plants are a good choice but I'm running out of room! Jade may want some company!

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It made the best worsted yarn in the world and the workers felt immensely proud to belong to this company.
Among these are the spinner of the world's finest worsted yarn, two of the major carpet yarn spinners in the country, the European leader in upholstery cloth production and several manufacturers of the finest worsted cloth for which Huddersfield is known the world over.
The brand buys top-quality fibres from around the world which are then spun into worsted yarns which are characterised by their smoothness, making them easy to knit.
The innovation comes from continuous research, and results in the realization of the finest worsted yarns with treatments which are unique and exclusive.