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A computer or television monitor with controls for studying and manipulating graphical or clinical images.


1 an area, as in an office, equipped with a computer or computer terminal.
2 an electronic monitor, such as a computer or television screen, with controls for manipulating images.
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As with other workstation vendors, IBM principally offers Nvidea graphics cards, including the Quadro FX 4500 X2, which is essentially a dual graphics card that fits into one slot.
Larry Howard, who has quadriplegia, uses a hi-tech workstation in his work as a
Hitachi also is known for its state-of-the-art technology in cooling mainframe computers, which are used for today's PCs and workstations.
DataWARE Workstation adheres to industry standards and utilizes automated integrity checks to ensure reliable production control.
While JPR certainly sees the risk that AMD ownership will negatively impact ATI's share in the Intel-dominated workstation space, using Q3 results as evidence is likely premature.
Nasdaq:TDDD) has announced that Compaq Computer Corporation has chosen the high-end Wildcat III 6110 graphics accelerator for its latest-generation Evo Workstations W6000 and W8000.
And that is where the latest buzz is in workstations.
This generation of mobile workstations reaffirms Dell's leadership in workstation design, reliability and performance and represents the combined efforts of Dell and its customers to develop best-in-class products," said Darrel Ward, director, Dell Precision Workstations.
Over the years the definition of a workstation has changed as vendors try to balance the needs of their most demanding customers in a computer market that naturally evolves toward commoditization.
With more favorable economic conditions, workstation customers are catching up on their replacement cycles, spurred on by recent technology introductions," said author and JPR analyst Alex Herrera.
com) a privately-held, rapidly-growing provider of next-generation virtualization solutions for workstations and servers, entered the virtualization space today with the immediate download availability of its highly anticipated Parallels Workstation beta.

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