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1. the meeting of a group of people for a specialized purpose such as having a discussion, learning something, or studying something.
2. the place where such a meeting is held.
sheltered workshop a facility where individuals with handicaps are employed to produce a product, to socialize, and to increase their sense of self worth.


Academia A specialized conference in which experts in a particular area of science or medicine, convene in order to compare data and establish or standardize criteria for a substance, disease, or phenomenon. Cf 'Wetshop. '.

Patient discussion about workshop

Q. Would anybody be interested in a workshop in holistic pulsing. Benefits are wide spread for many conditions Holistic pulsing is a simple technique that has many benefits for a wide variety of problems. What is nice about the technique is that it is easy and fast to learn. I have helped people with headaches, back problems, breathing problems, assisted in relieving pain for people with severe cancer etc. Would like to put together some workshops for anybody interested in learning. Good for nurses, bodywork people and any lay person that wants to benefit family and friends. You can look it up on the internet or contact me with any questions. Etan

A. Will these workshops be held someplace or on-line?

Where do you practice your technique?

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Chamber music, private lessons, repertoire, workshops, orchestra, opera, ballet, theatre and classical guitar.
Possible topics and activities identified by the team for a follow-on workshop event include:
com Deadline: 08/14/2006; Number awarded: 4 Requirements: Male and female dancers post high school looking to perform and extend their training Scholarship money pays for: Choreography, special workshops, tuition for classes
Over 78 percent of participants believed four aspects of their workshop related to the greater efficiency of IVC over traditional professional development (saved driving time, more convenient than traditional workshop, saved time away from school, and got questions answered easily).
A workshop for those activities east of the Mississippi is being planned for the June 2006 timeframe.
Decatur/Atlanta Ayurvedo Workshop--Sat and Sun: Ayurveda, Creating Health Workshop.
The workshop participants agreed that (Q)SARs are one of the alternative methods to animal testing, and therefore, these generic criteria can and should be further refined specifically for (Q)SARs.
Over the next 23 years, some 50,000 of them went through Experience workshops.
Parent, Hill and Wehman (1989) outlined the key aspects of facility conversion from sheltered workshop operations to supported employment services.
Windswept Music Workshop, William Jewell College, Liberty, MO, 7/23-7/29.
Towards the end of the workshop week, several students remark that once they mastered the basics, flamenco allows them room to improvise a bit.

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