working memory

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short-term memory

The capacity to recognise, recall and regurgitate small amounts of information (the 7 ±2 rule) shortly after its occurrence, which is divided into subsystems for verbal and visual information.

working memory

Short-term memory, see there.

working memory

The ability to store and use those facts and ideas necessary for performing immediate tasks.
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Working memory

The memory system that relates to the task at hand and coordinates recall of memories necessary to complete it.
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First, the number and breadth of working-memory training sessions necessary to produce an improvement on working memory or other outcomes like delay discounting (a measure of impulsivity or self-control) are unknown.
For the psycholinguistic model of working memory, however, research findings observed the opposite pattern that the recall performance (on the order memory) of the items to be memorized will also be hampered when any two phonemes are shared by all of the words in the recall list.
After the working memory testing, the Short Test of Functional Health Literacy in Adults (S-TOFHLA) was used to assess health literacy (Baker, Williams, Parker, Gazmararian, & Nurss, 1999).
The first section identifies and explains three core principles: that learning requires working memory allocation (attention), that working memory's capacity for allocation is affected by prior knowledge, and that working memory allocation is directed by motivation.
2006) have suggested that, when illustrations are provided, verbal and nonverbal representations are organised in working memory and are then linked or bound to enhance mental modeling.
The establishment of schemas lessens the burden on the finite mental resources of working memory.
And the good news is that, unlike intelligence, which can't be changed, we can all improve our working memory.
The youngsters, who had mild learning difficulties, had their working memory, IQ, literacy and numeracy measured at the start and end of the study.
Not only does working memory have a profound impact on every aspect of our working lives, but now there is exciting evidence that we can train it and improve it.
Dr Alloway, who was today giving a talk on working memory at the British Science Festival at the University of Surrey, said: "It was a massive effect.
CHICAGO: Defects in working memory - the brain's temporary storage bin - may explain why one child cannot read her history book and another gets lost in algebra, new research suggests.