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Comparing Bollywood with the southern film industry, he notes the work pattern is different " but the work is same".
Flexible working is not about a work pattern, it is a mind-shift from presenteeism to output.
So if employees are thinking about changing their work pattern, they should speak to their employer as early as possible.
Talks between the BMW-owned firm and unions have been held over changing the current work pattern of three shifts a day for seven days a week.
We enjoy working with them as they are an easy breed to manage and when we had a dairy they fitted with the farm's seasonal work pattern.
Although he had recovered from the heart attack he wanted to change his work pattern as a health precaution, and asked the firm to help.
No, if a request is agreed then the new work pattern constitutes a permanent change ( unless otherwise agreed.
Employers have a legal duty to consider all such applications and to establish whether the desired work pattern can be accommodated within the needs of the business.
So she decided to set up her own Coventry business to offer beauty therapy to tired working people at hours to suit their work pattern.
This is designed to expose the underlying causes of the gender pay gap and engage employers, employees and policymakers in discussions on how to bring about change in Wales' 'heavily-gendered' work patterns.
Work patterns can be applied to key operational processes that touch customers, employees and partners.
New Work Patterns Combine Expertise, Content and Best Practices With Real-Time Business Data and Applications to Drive Action