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For employees like Johns, flexibility, benefits and a steady income are part of the appeal to remaining in the work force.
Drawing from the experience of social work development in China, and employing a sociological theory proposed by the late British sociologist Basil Bernstein, this paper discusses and demonstrates how various social forces influence the social work indigenisation discourses in China.
Any group show that makes art work like this deserves praise.
It makes a contribution to the literature by producing working definitions for "knowledge management," "communities of practice," and "knowledge work.
And if one person was given a flexible work arrangement, everyone else would want the benefit, too.
Considerations for rehabilitation counselors in promoting psychosocial adjustment, return to work, and quality of life are also discussed.
However, if egalitarianism is a benchmark, there are still significant changes ahead for both men and women in balancing work and family.
When actually fighting structural fires, fire fighters work for a period of time, exit the burning building, recover, and then reenter the building to work again.
noted that planning and appraisal of one's capacities can help the individual find creative outlets and possibly a new work identity.
Even though the building ownership may be taking steps to eliminate the problems, tenants may be suffering from water damage until the work is complete.
Ciasullo has long been active in HIV prevention, housing, and other services--most recently in helping people with HIV consider returning to work, and getting any help they need to return to work successfully.
At the turn of the twentieth century, the social work profession emerged in Western Europe and North America (hereafter the North) and in the interwar period was transplanted to colonized countries (hereafter the South) inside and outside the Arab world.