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The eight selections that make up the text are focused on a variety of subjects, including the generalization of personalized cuing to enhance word finding in natural settings, verb and noun deficits in stroke-induced and primary progressive aphasia, a multi-level approach to understanding maintenance of global coherence in adults with aphasia, and many others.
in particular, they found a significant correlation between children's results on the Word Finding Vocabulary Test for English (Renfrew 1995) and both Bus Story measures (r - 0.
Procedure In order to assess children's lexical skills, each informant was first given the Word Finding Vocabulary Test for English (Renfrew 1995) and the 'Aktiver Wortschatztest' for German (Kiese and Kozielski, 1996).
This issue presents serious work examining issues of phonology, word finding, and changes in the profession related to employment of paraprofessionals.
Their communicative deficits have been well documented and may include poor memory, poor judgement, poor word finding skills, poor comprehension of spoken and written material, poor expressive language skills, verbal perseverations of words and ideas, poor topic maintenance, poor turn taking, poor discourse skills, and general disorientation or confusion.
RhymeZone functions as a rhyming dictionary, thesaurus, spell checker and word finding tool.
It was then the first online rhyming dictionary, and today remains one of the most popular and most comprehensive word finding resources for writers of all kinds.
The results indicated an improvement in word finding (reduction in naming errors) in single-word contexts that was generalized to sentences and maintained during follow-up maintenance sessions.
Difficulties in word finding often negatively affect students' oral communication and academic learning, making this language difficulty of great interest to educators.
The term word finding refers to the mental activity of selecting or retrieving from your lexicon words you know to express what you want to say or write.
Previous investigations that have focused on enhancing students' awareness of phonological attributes of words to improve word finding have reported some success (McGregor, 1994; McGregor & Leonard, 1989; Wing, 1990; Wright, 1993).
It was hypothesized that this three-fold strategic approach would improve word finding for target words in isolation and in sentence production.