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It's a new way for women to understand ourselves, to value ourselves, a new way to invite others to value us as women, not to be apologetic, not to see it as a handicap or drawback," she says.
In the Senate, the women make up just under a quarter of the Democratic caucus, and comprise 21 percent of the Democrats in the House.
Study results were based on 82 women who reported their first sexual intercourse with a male partner during the study or the two weeks before enrollment.
We describe the immunologic changes that may affect the course of infectious diseases in pregnant women, briefly summarize what is known about infectious diseases during pregnancy, and then focus on the particular challenges of dealing with emerging infectious diseases in pregnant women.
The topics discussed in Pious and Rebellious include the image of woman in rabbinic literature, the parameters of medieval Jewish family life and marriage, woman's domestic and social status and her place in economic and religious life, female education and roles in family religious ceremonies, violence against women, and the position of the divorcee and the widow in various Jewish societies.
In sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, women now outnumber men as victims of the epidemic, making up almost 60 percent of adults living with HIV and 75 percent of those between the ages of 15 and 24.
One woman challenged Millett's presence in her country, saying, "As women in Iran we are very happy to have you here.
But beneath the surface of solidarity were long-simmering tensions within the women's movement--tensions between women of color who often feel marginalized and the major pro-choice organizations that have historically viewed reproductive rights through a white, middle-class lens.
The good news is women have a lot of power when they control their consumer choices.
Bowers praised summit participants and organizers for their commitment to the women who have "served and sacrificed for our nation and to preserve our cherished freedoms.
Hot flashes are the most common symptom women experience during menopause.