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n. pl. women (wĭm′ĭn)
An adult female human.


an adult female human.
A female person


Vox populi A female person. See Abdominal woman, Declared pregnant woman.

Patient discussion about woman

Q. can staphylococcus in woman cause infertility? staphylococcus/infertility

A. Not that I know about. One of the major routes in which bacteria cause infertility in women is through inflammation of the pelvis (PID), but staphylococcus isn't a major cause of this disease.

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Q. Is it safe to have sex with a woman with cancer of the uterus? My 45-years old wife was told she have cancer in the uterus, and will have an operation soon. Meanwhile, should we use a condom during sex? Can the tumor pass from her to me (like AIDS or HPV)?

A. unless the cancer has lots of bleeding, you don't need to use condoms.
but if your wife would undergo an operation, maybe you need to be off-of-that-sex 1-2 days prior to operation day, just to make sure there's no super infection that will bother the operation plan.

Q. If a woman has a sister with bipolar disorder... If a woman has a sister with bipolar disorder [and no other family history of mental health problems] and she marries a man with no family history of mental health problems. Now anyone tell me what are the chances that their children will have bipolar?

A. There is always a chance when having children that they may develop some kind of illness at some point in their lives. You shouldnt base your decicion to have children on that fact. As time goes on there are better and more effective ways to treat illnesses such as bipolar disorder. There is a chance that there is a wider family history of bipolar disorder in the family and none of the others were diagnosed. Then there is a good possibility that the child may not get bipolar disorder. We can give you odds and statistics but the reality is if you choose not to have children you will never know. Knowledge is power, if you are aware that there is a history, educate yourself on the illness and you will recognize the signs at an early stage if they appear and be able to get your child the help they will require right away.

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But the side-effect of this sudden advance of womankind is that they didn't know when to stop.
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