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pronounced WIN'd Vox populi The rushing of air from one point to another, generally induced by differences in land temperature. See Fire wind.


A popular term for the result of air swallowing by greedy babies. Air swallowed along with a feed becomes compressed by PERISTALSIS and may cause COLIC and much crying. Slower feeding, dill water and silicone polymer oils, to reduce surface tension and form froth, are helpful.


n in traditional Chinese medicine, wind is the environmental factor that causes chaos and imbalance and is believed to be the main instigator of disease.


1. climatic expression of rate of air movement.
2. colloquial expression for ability to run a race without stopping for lack of respiratory reserve.

broken wind
see chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
wind direction
has an effect on the speed of spread of an airborne disease, as determined by the population density in different directions, and the temperature which can be expected with winds from each weather quarter.
wind dispersal
refers to the direction and distance of spread and the area contaminated by radioactive fallout, fungal spores and other dangerous agents.
wind roses
starburst effect given by a graphic representation of the direction and frequency of wind at a given spot over a period of time. Is a reflection of the prevailing wind.
wind speed
for epidemiological purposes the height above ground level that wind speed is measured needs to be quoted.
vaginal wind sucking
noisy ingress and egress of air from the vulva, especially when moving; usually accompanies pneumovagina and a result of rectovaginal laceration, sometimes fistulation.

Patient discussion about wind

Q. second wind My cousin is an experienced aerobic for nearly 2 years. She does vigorous exercises. How a ''second wind'' affects her and what is it?

A. The term ‘second wind is mostly known to the people who are related to the fitness. No matter how fit you are, the first few minutes into vigorous exercise you'll feel out of breath, and your muscles may ache. Your body isn't able to transport oxygen to the active muscles quickly enough. As a result, your muscles burn carbohydrates an aerobically, causing an increase in lactic acid production. Gradually, your body makes the transition to aerobic metabolism and begins to burn nutrients (carbohydrates and fats) aerobically. This shift over to aerobic metabolism coincides with your getting ''back in stride'' (a.k.a. the ''second wind''). The more you train and the more fit you become, the sooner you will get your ''breath'' back and reach an aerobic steady state that you can maintain for a relatively extended duration.

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Windfall negotiates outstanding money-saving discounts from brand-name suppliers on the products and services businesses use every day.
WINDFALLS GAINED FROM DOWNSIZING Typical windfalls gained by downsizing from a detached home to a bungalow with the percentage increase compared with 10 years ago: Typical windfalls gained by downsizing from a detached home to a semi-detached property with the percentage increase compared with 10 years ago: | Yorkshire and Humberside, PS84,369, 84.
The difference in revenues implies a windfall of $183 billion (Dh671.
But we will commit instead, in our manifesto, to do the responsible thing and use any windfall gain from the sale of bank shares to repay the national debt.
A windfall profits tax is a higher tax rate on profits that ensue from a sudden windfall gain to a particular company or industry.
A windfall tax on the greedy oil companies is what the country demands, is what Labour supporters expect, never mind any unidentified legal barriers that prevent us achieving our aim.
But Chancellor Alistair Darling has cautioned against a windfall tax and Mr Brown made no mention of one when asked about the package at a Press conference yesterday.
The move comes after trade unions and campaigners called for a windfall tax on the energy companies' profits.
The Coventry North-west MP devised the last windfall tax as paymaster general in 1997.
The windfall is at least pounds 2billion higher than previously estimated - and today The People calls for action to end the unfairness.
Recent sharp increases in fuel bills, together with large profits announced by energy firms, have stirred public outcry in Britain, triggering calls for a windfall tax on such profits.