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A tree of the genus Salix; the bark of several species, especially S. fragilis, is a source of salicin.
[A.S. welig]


/wil·low/ (wil´o) any plant of the genus Salix. White willow bark (q.v.) contains a precursor of salicylic acid and is used as an herbal remedy.


n Latin name:
Salix spp.; part used: bark; uses: analgesic, antiinflammatory, general health, bursitis, antipyretic, tension headache, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gastrointestinal disorders; precautions: can cause allergic skin reactions, bronchospasm, stomach ulcers, nausea, or diarrhea. Also called
white willow and
european willow.
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THE WILLOW TREE Oh willow tree why do you weep Beneath your boughs I cannot sleep While in my arms my babe doth lie So small, so fragile, her skin so fair Does she know that you're not there?
They're taking part in a project to grow willow tree playhouses at two schools and a Sure Start Children's Centre in County Durham.
The older of the two, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which is celebrating its 175th birthday, handed over a cricket bat willow tree to Warwickshire County Cricket Club, which is just 125.
The Thatched Cottage, Meriden Road, Berkswell' pollarding of a willow tree in front garden.
Then I read about Andrew Flynn's visit to the Willow Tree Restaurant at the Willow Valley Golf Club, Clifton.
I WOULD like to thank Cllr John McPartland for bringing the vandalised willow tree to our attention.
One 15m high willow tree is to be cut down because it has been badly damaged by children, leisure bosses have revealed.
BLOWN OVER: High winds and rain brought a giant willow tree crashing down on properties in Walton mb060707
A man battled with a teenager he caught stealing his weeping willow tree.
The Mayor of Rugby, Cllr Laurie Wright, went along to Willow Tree Care Home in School Street, Hillmorton, to help Dolly King celebrate the milestone.
The bottom of the rug shows colorful hills and mountains leading upward to the Fountain of Life from which emerges a graceful willow tree filling the field.
Willow Tree Grange is for sale through Keith Pattinson at pounds 550,000.