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The relative haplotype dosage (RHDO) [7] approach, on the other hand, allows the deduction of the fetal genotype by measuring the relative counts of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) alleles on haplotypes linked with the mutant allele and wild-type allele in maternal plasma DNA (13).
The CTT sample showed wild-type allele, while the corresponding conventional method sample demonstrated Gly12Cys (G12C) mutation.
The presented findings suggest that homozygous TIRAP S180L wild-type allele has a protective effect, while the homozygous mutant type can pose a risk during the exposure to parasite, Plasmodium falciparum.
Each Oligomix contains two primers - forward and reverse - and the two probes, one for the wild-type allele (normal) and one for the mutated allele.
Indeed, children with CA--homozygous carriers of the studied mutant allele polymorphic variant of gene IL-1[beta]--had the most severe (with frequent severe exacerbations, complications) course of the disease in comparison with the heterozygous carriers of the mutant polymorphic allele variant and homozygous carriers of wild-type allele.
7) Within the SA SCA1 cohort, the most common wild-type allele contained 30 CAG repeats (range of 27-36 repeats), whereas the most common pathogenic allele contained 47 repeats (range of 42-66 repeats, Fig.
m] of the mutant and the wild-type allele using commercially available primers and hybridization probes (5).
Do you think that the recessive effect of the wild-type allele influenced the difference seen in its rate of rebound versus the dominant allele's earlier rate of increase?
The normal wild-type allele displays average metabolic activity, whereas some variants have enhanced or diminished activity.
These probes were designed so that during hybridization the donor probe formed a mismatch with the wild-type allele (C:T).
In other experiments, we have demonstrated that each wild-type allele of the GmFAD3C gene can contribute to the linolenic acid level by [approximately equal to]4 to 11 g [kg.