white lesions

white lesions,

n.pl lesions found on the mucosa that have a white coating. They require differential diagnosis because they may indicate trauma, infection, or a cancerous process.
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As the oral health related outcome/s measured differed from study to study, the data extraction was performed separately based on the type of outcome measured (oral mucosal white lesions, gingival recession, gum bleeding, etc.
Examination findings include hyperplastic white lesions and hyperemia when Candida is involved.
Freshly applied laser burns are pale white lesions.
This can easily be treated with Nystatin lozenges available from your pharmacy; * Hairy leukoplakia - this is a common oral condition and appears as white lesions on the tongue (sometimes it can be the first sign of HIV); * Menopausal changes - some women find fluctuating hormone levels during menopause can bring about a condition known as burning tongue.
The study will enrol 100-120 patients with white lesions or growths in their mouths and tonsil areas to test as part of the clinical trial.
Including specific guidelines on diagnosis, management, and follow-up, chapters cover normal anatomy, variants of normal and common benign conditions, diagnostic tests and studies, white lesions, immune-mediated and allergic conditions, pigment lesions, oral infections, salivary gland disease, oral cancer, orofacial pain conditions, oral manifestations of systemic disease, and prescribing guidelines for commonly used medications.
The affliction etches a swath of pale yellow or white lesions along the surface of an infected coral colony.
White pox disease is characterized by white lesions.
Color changes, such as development of red and/or white lesions.
The endoscopic features of eosinophilic esophagitis include longitudinal furrowing, friability, edema, longitudinal shearing, raised white lesions, whitish exudates, "crepe paper mucosa" a narrow esophagus, and transient or fixed rings.
YBD is characterised by a swath of pale-yellow or white lesions along the surface of an infected coral colony.
Several chapters have been entirely rewritten by new authors, including those on red and white lesions, pigmented lesions, neuromuscular diseases, renal disease, hematologic disease, and immunology.