white leg

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white leg


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MUSCLES OF THE LEG: Anterior view
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MUSCLES OF THE LEG: Anterior view
In common usage, the entire lower limb, or from hip to ankle; anatomically, only the lower leg, from knee to ankle, the tibia and fibula. See: illustration

bandy leg

Valgus knee.

Barbados leg

Elephantiasis of the legs.

bayonet leg

An uncorrected posterior displacement of the knee bones, followed by ankylosis at the joint.

milk leg

Phlegmasia alba dolens.

restless leg

See: restless legs syndrome

scissor leg

Scissor gait.

white leg

Phlegmasia alba dolens.
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Growth of cultured white leg shrimp Litopenaeus vannanamei (Boone 1931) in different stocking density.
68 g of white leg shrimp at a density of 24 head/52 L aquaria and obtained 88.
Skewbald horses Angrove Fatrascal, Join The Dots, Angrove Rumbaba, Modern Society and Silvery Moon are more famous for their looks than ability, but the popular Pancake, a chestnut with white legs and flecks on his belly, won five times and netted PS41,103 in prize-money.
Older couples still parade in floppy hats, consulting maps, stockinged-feet in red sandals, their defiantly white legs coloured only by the unseemly blotches left by stinging insects.
If you are fair, people are perfectly within their rights to laugh at your white legs.
You may have gone for shorts; your gleaming white legs two beacons of hope and optimism.
Only horses that stand at least 6 feet at the shoulder, weigh around 2,000 pounds, and have a bay-colored coat with four white legs, white blaze and a black mane and tail, are able to be a part of the hitch team.
We can also see that he has a very broad skull, pale eye color, white legs, a short and stout beak, that his beak appears yellow, and that his comb appears to either be rose, cushion or walnut in shape; we cannot see how the comb terminates in this photograph, though.
Marabou storks - aka 'undertaker birds' due to their slow walk, cloaklike wings, thin white legs and mass of white hair-like feathers - feed mainly on carrion in the wild but can kill adult flamingos, as well as fish and insects.
It was bouncing off the white legs of a rather forlorn jogger, wearing an England Rugby shirt and a pair of brief red shorts, who looked remarkably like Stuart Linnell.
I remember nudging our conversation toward what-all we boys had rigged, perky, between our white white legs.
It is here that we find Icarus falling ever into the sea, 'the white legs disappearing in the green/Water' while 'everything turns away/Quite leisurely from the disaster' (as W.