White Flour

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Wheat that has been milled, removing the outer cellulose layer—bran and nutrients (e.g., niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, iron), which may be restored by chemical enrichment
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ConAgra Mills did extensive research and development on whole grain products and realized a barrier existed - many consumers didn't like the grainy texture or strong taste of whole grain products, but rather prefer the lighter color, sponginess and mild flavor of products made with refined white flour.
Today's consumers want whole grain products to taste as good as the refined white flour products they know and love and Ultragrain White Whole Wheat Flour is a perfect balance of what consumers need and want.
The new pizzas - unveiled by ConAgra Foodservice along with its El eXtremo(TM) whole-grain burritos & chimichangas - are made with the revolutionary Ultragrain whole-wheat flour launched last fall by ConAgra Food Ingredients that delivers whole-grain nutrition with a taste and texture similar to traditional refined white flour products.
Researchers found kids given a chance to eat pizza and other popular foods made with Ultragrain, and the same foods made with refined white flour, consumed as much or more of the Ultragrain foods.