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He and colleagues from USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and the West Virginia and Virginia Extension Services recently finished collecting sample tips of stolons from more than 2,000 wild white clovers from the central Appalachian region.
If you have planted a perennial (such as white clover or chicory) or semiperennial (red clover) variety in the fall, why would you want to plow the crop up to plant a warm-season variety?
Achievements over 90 years of work include high-sugar and more digestible forage grasses, white clovers, high quality oats, improved turf grasses, and disease-resistant pearl millet, which was developed in collaboration with breeders in India.
6) Pennington Seed's Buckmasters Ultimate Wildlife Seed Mixture contains a blend of the company's long lasting Durana and Patriot white clovers, plus Choice Chicory and Red, Crimson, and Arrowleaf clovers.
Perfect Plot includes New Zealand red and white clovers, alfalfa, winter peas, chicory and the best BioLogic brassicas.